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VA-15A High Voltage Isolation Amplifier
Product Name:VA-15A High Voltage Isolation Amplifier

Product No:84914-679
Was Price:3000Dollar/EA Now Price:2400Dollar/EA
Last update:2016.05.23
Manufacturer:Instrance Electronic
Instrance VA-15A is one ultra DC isolation amplifier with over 15KV isolation performance and high signal precision and stability. It adopts leading edge magnetic isolation technology and workmanship which is monopolized by few top Europe company, and demonstrates much higher performance than general optical and capacitive coupler device(2KV~6KV isolation). Its work theory as below, and small size as 1/2U, so can be broadly used in Power Electricity(电力)Metallurgy(冶金)Transportation(交通)Chemical Industry()……
key specifications:

Power supply:   85 to 265 V DC /AC

Input:         ± 60, 90, 150mv Unipolar/Bipolar

Output:      Voltage ± 5V / Current 20 mA or 4-20 mA

Isolation withstanding voltage:  >15KV

Accuracy error:    < 0.5%

Temperature effect: < 0.5%

Size:     22.5mm X 100mm X 115mm